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Macmillan Coffee Morning

Jan would like to thank everyone who supported the coffee morning after the joint service on the 24th of September.  A profit of £341 was made thanks to everyone's generosity and support.


Thank you, Vodafone!

A huge thank you to Tony and his colleagues from Vodafone who worked very hard to clear the ground at the back of the church.




Cats need a loving home

St Francis is associated with the care of animals and we have received information from Furry Paws Animal Rescue about some animals in need.  If anyone knows of someone who could provide a home to one or more mature cats (around 7 years old), please contact Robert on 07751 097604 or Maureen on 07546 914584.


Terrorists attacks in Manchester and London

Recent attacks in Manchester and London have led a number of our congregation to ask about what the church can do and why all of this has happened.  It's difficult to have an answer, but we can be sure that God is there alongside those who suffer and we can pray that he will give support as necessary.  This poem, written by a local resident, has helped some people:



Why do bad things happen

When You could intervene?

It makes me feel such sadness

My heart is crushed within

There are so many questions

The pain is hard to bear

I ask that all who hurt, Lord

Will really know You're there


When we feel like crying

And it all seems so unfair

Please hold us in Your arms, Lord

And show us that You care

'Man of Sorrows' You are called

Our distress You understand

So please be there beside us

Holding out Your hand.

                              Written by Jane Smith 


CTWW Work Club

A free one-to-one drop-in advice session for CV writing, job hunting and interview techniques is held each Monday from 4pm - 6pm in the West Wickham library.  If you wish to contact the Work Club, the email address is







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