Homeless Soup Run

The Good Shepherd Mission to the Homeless (GSMH) was launched in 1990 by Sister Joan O'Donoghue, who was part of a small convent of nuns living in Montacute Road, New Addington and attached to the Good Shepherd RC Church on the estate (hence the name of the homeless project).  She was awarded the MBE for her work with the homeless and the community in New Addington.  Sadly, Sister Joan died in 2010 however, the homelss project still continues to flourish and this is a lasting legacy to her tremendous compassion and dedication to the plight of the homeless.

The project is a truly ecumenical venture and funded entirely by local donations.  Volunteers from St Francis and St Mary's are members of the team taking food and clothing to the homeless gathered at Lincoln's Inn Fields and Waterloo.  They make a run every Thursday night, apart from Christmas time when they take two weeks off as there are plenty of shelters catering for those on the streets.  They normally have two volunteers to serve the tea, one to serve the soup, two on sandwiches and one or two distributing clothes. They try to have a minimum of six and maximum of ten on the run due to the size of the minibus.  They could always do with more volunteers on the rota who, in advance, would commit to one or two Thursdays a month.  

The volunteers take a range of sandwiches, a large urn of tea and several flasks of steaming hot soup to the homeless as well as cold drinks in the summer months.  Invariably, someone will bake a tray of bread pudding to take along as well as the usual supply of buns and KitKat bars.  

Men's clothing is always needed by the homeless and the minibus is often loaded with shoes, trousers, jackets and other items of clothing to be given away along with toiletries such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo and disposable razors.  

For more information, please contact Mrs M. Richards on 020 8777 2754.  Contact Mr B. West on 020 776 0210 if you would like to become a volunteer.

Please leave donations in the Homeless box on the table in the church vestibule or contact Mrs Richards if you are unable to get to the church.  Thank you.

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