Messy Church

Messy Church at St Mary’s

Messy Church is a way of inviting people from our local community to learn about faith in Jesus through fun activities, celebration and food.  We know that in our parishes there are a lot of families with young children.  They go to our local school, they attend the activities in our church hall in great numbers but we see very few of them in church on Sunday.  As part of our mission and outreach to our local community, we run Messy Church on the second Friday of every month between 3.45pm – 5.30pm to try to contact these members of our Parish.

What is Messy Church?

Messy Church started in 2004 in a Church near Portsmouth and there are now over 3500 Messy Churches all over the world,

Messy Church is a way of communicating and sharing God’s story making it accessible for all ages.  The book; “Messy Church Theology” best describes it using seven Fs; it’s about Families coming together to learn about faith Jesus through fun activities building friendships through a flexible approach to being church.  We share food together as eating together and breaking bread was core to Jesus’ ministry.  Finally fruitfulness – the fruit of lives changed by the good news of Jesus Christ; the fruit of families being enriched by joining in worship and fun together; the fruit of friendship that crosses the ages; the fruit of people discovering gifts and using them to serve other people and God; the fruit of spiritual life.

The concept is simple; we run a number of ‘messy’ activities around a central theme, for example, Pentecost in June.  The ‘Messy’ being a blaze of red, orange and yellow with doves, love and wind thrown in.  We then come together for a celebration (an act of worship) using a story and songs. We finish with everyone sharing a meal together. 



We run  this with a team of volunteers from St Mary's and St Francis and would always welcome additional  volounteers.  There are two main roles; run a craft activity linked with the theme, you can be creative yourself or use the ideas provided, or help to cook a simple hot meal.  Please speak to me if you would like to find out more about how you can help.

There is a short video available at which will show you a Messy Church in action.


Please contact Caroline Nevard on 020 8289 0870  or email her at for any more information.

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