St Mary's of Nazareth

West Wickham


The development of West Wickham between the two World Wars necessitated the formation of two new parishes - St Francis of Assisi and St Mary of Nazareth . The parish of St Mary's began as a conventional district in 1933, made up of parts of three neighbouring parishes. 

A dual purpose church hall was built in 1934 to the design of Martin Travers. Twenty years later a church was built on to the church hall, with a vestibule in between with folding doors, enabling all three parts to be merged in one for special occasions, giving a total accommodation of 600. A chapel, dedicated to the Annunciation, and vestries built over the vestibule were dedicated in 1962. 
The interior of the church is boat-shaped, with light-coloured bricks. The nave has a single span roof, lancet windows and oak pews and furniture. A memorial window lists the names of fourteen parishioners who died in the Second World War. The chapel has plain white walls, a blue altar frontal and a gold dossal behind the altar. Also in the chapel are two old side panels from the original sanctuary, carved in blue and gold.

A new digital organ was purchased and installed in 2016. This replaced the failing pipe organ which was no longer  economical to repair. A new keyboard was also purchased for the chapel.

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