Weddings are a very special occasion and we would be delighted if you chose to be married in church desiring God's blessing on your relationship.  We would do all we can to make it a memorable and joyful occasion.

For weddings between citizens with UK passports, arranging a marriage is normally by 'banns'. This means that your names are read out on three consecutive Sundays in church in the three months before you are to be married. You have to live in the parish or, if you do not live in the parish, you will need to be on the 'electoral roll' of the church. To be on the electoral roll, you are asked to worship regularly for a period of at least six months prior to any marriage. This can be helpful in feeling at home in the church and through worship discovering God's love and purpose for our lives.

There has been a recent change in church law making it possible for couples to be married in either St Francis or St Mary's if they have a 'qualifying connection'. So if either of you have some special connection with the churches, for instance you were baptised or confirmed there or your family has worshipped here. If you think you qualify do speak with the vicar.

For weddings where at least one of the wedding couple holds an Overseas Passport, you will almost certainly need to be married by 'common license' instead of banns. Unless you have been a regular worshipper at St. Francis or St Mary's for a period in excess of six months, you will also need a Superintendent's Certificate from the Registrar Bromley.

If either party has been divorced, marriage in church is possible, but is not automatic and needs to be carefully considered together with the Vicar. In line with Church of England policy, marriage of divorcees is allowed within certain conditions. The couple will meet with the Vicar to discuss their circumstances. Our policy as a church is that at least one of the couple live in the relevant part of the parish or already worships regularly. If after discussions a marriage is agreed the expectation is that the couple, if not already doing so, will worship regularly for six months as a sign of their commitment to a Christian Marriage.

If you are considering getting married at St Mary's please get in touch using our contact form for an initial discussion or come along to a service on a Sunday.


Wedding Flowers

It is possible for your own florist to provide and arrange your flowers in the Church for your “special” day but we have an experienced and talented team of flower arrangers at St. Mary’s who would be delighted to offer this service at a competitive cost.

Further information:  Merri Womack  0208 777 8772

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